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We Produce 100% Organic, Advanced Biotechnology Products for Agriculture, Poultry, Livestock, Fish & Shrimp Farms, and Wastewater Treatment, and to help Governments and Farmers to Deal with Climate Change.


A Cocoa Tree with an Abundance of Cocoa Pods. Compare this to a normal chemically treated cocoa plantation!


We can clean biologically the dirty water of fish and shrimp farms as well as the wastewater of municipal wastewater treatment plants.

We specialize in producing very effective, advanced bio-technology, 100% organic products for replacing chemical agriculture with 100% organic farming; treating wastewater naturally through microbial action; and for increasing the rate of growth and improving the health of poultry, livestock, and shrimp farms

Our liquid bio-fertilisers help governments change their country’s agriculture to 100% organic farming; develop new 100% organic industries; provide an agricultural solution to soil fertility problems and the damaging effects of chemical agriculture; and help them deal with the effects of climate change through regenerative, 100% organic farming. We offer governments a substantial Credit Fund to assist them in achieving these goals.

One of our current major agricultural projects is to help countries in Africa to transform their cocoa industry from chemical cocoa production to 100% organic cocoa production in line with the global demand for healthy and chemical-free cocoa and chocolate. 

We Can Supply 100% Organic, Liquid, Microbial Bio-fertilisers to Meet Your Country’s Fertiliser Needs While Reducing Farmers' Fertiliser Costs

In view of the shortage of chemical fertilisers in the world we can help governments as follows:

*  We can produce and provide very large shipments of our 100% organic, liquid, microbial bio-fertilisers continuously.

*  They will reduce the fertiliser costs of farmers who use chemical fertilisers and sprays.

*  There will be no need for chemical pesticides.

*  As the soil’s food web and fertility are restored, the crop yield and quality will surpass chemical agriculture's.

*  They will enable countries to replace chemical agriculture with 100% organic farming.

*  We will show the farmers how to farm organically.

*  We can enable governments to ensure food security and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Soil That Has Been Restored to Fertility by 100% Organic Farming

Farming Organically with the Bio-fertilisers Mitigates the Effects of Climate Change

We help governments and farmers deal with the agricultural effects of Climate Change, which poses not only an existentialist threat to mankind but also threatens food security, with all the consequences that this entails. Our bio-fertilisers enable governments to change from chemical agriculture, which produces climate-warming greenhouse gases, to regenerative 100% organic farming, which turns the soil into a giant Carbon Sink for these greenhouse gases.

By acting as a Carbon Sink the soil becomes more fertile. Combined with organic farming techniques the bio-fertilisers restore the soil biology, soil structure, and soil fertility and conserve water, which may be in short supply in the future. For more information about how the bio-fertilisers help to mitigate the effects of Climate Change click here.

We are very interested in working with governments to transform agricultural production throughout the country to 100% organic crop production. Not only will such projects benefit the population, but also mankind as a whole. We can provide a large Credit Fund to assist governments with such projects.

We Develop Agriculture with Regenerative Farming

“Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. It aims to capture carbon in the soil and aboveground biomass (plants), reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation and climate change. At the same time, it offers increased yields, resilience to climate instability, and higher health and vitality for farming and ranching communities.” Source: www.terra-genesis.com

Regenerative agriculture systems offer societal, economic, and environmental benefits. For example, regenerative agriculture:

  1. Increases farming productivity.
  2. Builds and improves soil health and fertility.
  3. Restores the soil biology and thereby reduces significantly weed and disease problems.
  4. Increases the production of nutrient-dense foods.
  5. Increases the land's ability to filter and retain water.
  6. Decreases the amount of soil, water, and air pollution caused by agricultural practices.
  7. Improves habitat and biodiversity in wildlife and plants.
  8. Diminishes the effects of climate change.
  9. Decreases the amount of carbon in the air.
  10. Helps sustain Earth's remaining natural resources.
  11. Helps achieve food security and food equity.



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