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On this page you will find a large number of links to videos about how to grow crops. More links will be added regularly. The videos serve to give you some ideas and growing tips, which you may not know about.

Guidelines for growing crops and for growing crops with Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant are provided on the Bio-fertilisers webpage. The videos here serve mainly to provide extra ideas, and are not a replacement for the guidelines.

We recommend that you watch the videos in the section called Plant and Tree Communication. It will help you to understand the importance and benefits of making compost and leaf mould for the soil in order to create mycorrhizal networks of fungi. The videos show how plants and trees communicate with each other, help each other by sharing nutrients, protect themselves, and warn each other of threats through these networks. By using Bio-Plant farmers can develop these networks and increase their crop yields. We highly recommend that you also refer to the videos in the How to Make Compost section as well.


4 Tips on How to Grow Healthy Organic Bananas  (Use compost instead of NPK on the soil)

Advantages of Banana-Coffee Intercropping

Advantages of Banana-Coffee Intercropping

How to Grow Organic Bananas

Intercropping Banana with Beans Using Zero Tillage

Soil Fertility Management in Banana Plantations

Using Mulching to Increase Banana Production


Growing Cassava for Optimum Profitability

Rapid Multiplication of Cassava by Means of Mini-Setts: Part 1 of 2

Rapid Multiplication of Cassava by Means of Mini-Setts: Part 2 of 2 


Grafts, Rooted Cuttings and Air Layering of Cacao

Cacao Grafting Operational Techniques

Organic Cocoa Growing

Techniques of Cocoa Cultivation (New Plant, Water Management) 


Coffee Grower Using Organic Farming

Coffee Production Process

Dealing with the Coffee Borer Beetle

Growing Coffee: Organic Farming Versus Non-Organic (Coffea Arabica)

How to Establish a Coffee Seedling Nursery

Organic Coffee Production – Strategies and Tricks from Don Elias Coffee Farm in Salento, Colombia 


How to Make Layered Compost

How to Turn Large Piles with a Bulldozer

How to Turn the Compost Pile

Rice Straw Composting

The Art and Science of Composting

The Benefits of Composting 

Conservation Agriculture

Growing Maize in Conservation Agriculture in Zimbabwe 

Mulching in Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

The Effect of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Moisture

The Value of Residues in Conservation Agriculture Systems


Back to Organic Cotton Farming

Keep a Live Root in the Soil – “A Radicle Idea”

Making Cover Crops Work in Cotton Farming

The Life Cycle of Cotton

Understanding the Cotton Plant and Its Physiology 

Cover Crops

Benefits of Cover Crops: The Secret Weapon to Healthier Soil

Build Golden Soil Organically With Cover Crops

Build Homemade tools for Managing Cover Crops

Building Organic Matter

Cover Crops

Cover Cropping to Improve Pasture Land 

Cover Crops – The Benefits

Crimping a Cover Crop

Planting into Remnants of a Cover Crop

Rolling Crimping Cover Crops

Under Cover Farmers – Feature Length

Using the Roller-Crimper System With Early-Planted, Emerged Organic Soybeans

The Science of Soil Health: Using Cover Crops to Soak up Nutrients for the Next Crop 


Dense Seed Planting Technique

Easiest Way to Grow Rose From Cuttings – Start To Finish

How to Prune a Rose Bush

How to Kill Insects from Roses and Your Garden Naturally (Neem Oil)

Transplanting (tomato) Seedlings (This is Part 2 of the video above.) 

Foliar Feeding

Foliar Feeding and Fertilizing Your Plants – Benefits and the Science

Foliar Spray Plant Fertilization: How, When, and Why? 

Fish Contain 60+ Elements, Including NPK

Grafting Fruit Trees

Grafting Citrus Trees

How to Grow Orange Trees from Seed (A Complete Step by Step Guide)

How to Manage an Orange Plantation Successfully

Grafting Citrus Trees – Cleft Grafting a Fruit Cocktail Tree

Grafting Lemon Trees – Grafting Fruit Trees by T-budding

Grafting Orange Trees – How to Graft a Tree by T-budding

Grafting Citrus with the Z Grafting Technique

Grafting Citrus Trees – Bud Grafting Successfully

Grafting Citrus Trees with the Patch Bud – Making a Fruit Cocktail Tree

Grafting Fruit Trees in Silicon Valley – Double-Tongued Side Graft

Piggy Back Grafting — Use Established Rootstock To Grow An Ultra Fast & Mature Tree  Part 1 Part 2

Growing Citrus from Cuttings – Rooting and Grafting Citrus in One Step


5 Companion Planting Combinations When Growing Vegetables

Advantages of Banana-Coffee Intercropping

Advantages of Banana-Coffee Intercropping

Building a Host Environment For Beneficial Insects

Efficient Intercropping For Biological Control of Aphids in Transplanted Organic Lettuce

Growing Plants Together Gets Better Results

Growing Row by Row

How to Plant Three Sisters Garden – Sustainable Agriculture With Companion Plants

This pdf file supports the above video. Banana with Beans Using Zero Tillage

Intercropping Maize and Desmodium to Get Rid of the Stalk Borer

Intercropping, Multiple Cropping and Green Manuring

Intercropping Patterns

Intercropping Success

Intercropping to Prevent Stryker Insect Problems and Increase Maize Yield

Leaf Mould

How to Make Leaf Mounld 

Lemon / Lime Trees

5 Tips How to Grow a ton of Lemons / Limes on One Tree

How to Grow Lime Trees from Clippings – Easy Way to Grow Lime Trees 


Growing Maize in Conservation Agriculture in Zimbabwe 

How to Plant Maize in a Three Sisters Garden – Sustainable Agriculture With Companion Plants


Cover Your Garden With Hay and This Will Happen

Deep Mulch, No-Till Garden at Prairie Road Organics

How to Use Rice Straw As Mulch

Improve Soil Fertility with Leaves: Leaf Mould, Leaf Mulch, Leaf Compost

Mulching in Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

The Benefits of Mulching 

Neem Oil (to Protect Against Insects)

How to Make Neem Oil

How to Make Your Own Neem Oil

Neem Oil and Soap Organic Spray

Neem Oil in the Garden – Benefits and How to Use Neem Oil


How to Fertilize Onions

How to Grow Big Onions

How to Grow Big Onions – Complete Growing Guide

How to Grow Onions from Seed 

Oil Palm Trees

Oil Palm Best Management Practices – Immature Stage

Oil Palm Best Management Practices – Nursery Stage

Oil Palm Best Management Practices – Mature Stage 


Growing Papaya: Your Guide to Getting It Right

How to Grow Papaya from Seeds

How to Grow a Short Papaya Tree

How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Papaya Trees

Papaya Production Within 30 Days After Grafting 


DOLE Pineapple Growing and Harvesting

DOLE Pineapple Planting

How DOLE Grows Organic Pineapples

How to Grow Organic Pineapples

Mulching Pineapple Plantation

Technological Innovation in Organic Pineapple Production in Saint Lucia 

Plant and Tree Communication

Can Plants Talk to Each Other? – Richard Karban

How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other – BBC News

(This is a very good and short summary of how plants interact with and help each other.)

How Trees Talk to Each Other – Suzanne Simard

The following file is worth reading regarding how plants are connected to each other via the fungi networks in the soil, and how they share nutrients with each other:

The Earth’s Internet: How Fungi Help Plants Communicate


Cutting Potatoes Before Planting

Growing Organic Potatoes Everything I know!

How to Grow Potatoes & Manage Colorado Potato Beetles Naturally

How to Mound Potatoes

How to Plant Potatoes 


Arborist Tips on How to Prune Your Trees.

How to Prune Fruit Trees the Right Way Every Time

When and How to Prune Your Citrus Tree! 


Grow Big Pumpkins – Vine Burying, Pollination, Vine Training

How to Grow Pumpkins

How to Plant and Grow Big Pumpkins – Growing Pumpkin Tips

Pruning Pumpkins and Leaf Mottle


Establishing a Modified Mat Nursery for Rice

Principles of System of Rice Intensification English – Part 1

Principles of System of Rice Intensification English – Part 2

SRI English Part 3 of 3 System of Rice Intensification ADRA

Seed Selection

SRI Rice Growing in the Philippines

SRI Rice Production in Rain-fed Uplands

Rubber Trees

The Rubber Tree Nursery 


Benefit of Soaking Seeds in a Bacteria Mixture to Protect Against Insects

Common Reasons Your Seeds Are Not Germinating

How to Sow a Seed Directly Into the Soil

How to Start Seeds: Seed Scarification

Improved Paper towel and Baggy Method For Germinating Seeds (Fast)

Inoculate Your Seeds Before Planting Them

Part 1: Dense Seed Planting Technique

Part 2: Transplanting the Germinated Seeds

Seed Germination – Scarification, Stratification, and Soaking

Seed Scarification to Speed Up Germination (Different Methods)

Step by Step: Growing Tomatoes from Seed


Four Bypass Method of Sugarcane Cultivation Technology


How to Get 100 tones Sugarcane per Acre – Mr. Suresh Kabade

How to Make Seedlings From a Single Bud of Sugarcane

Soil Health on Sugarcane in Louisiana with the Andre Brothers

Sugarcane Bud Chipper

Sugarcane Seedling Plantation – Solving the Problems 


198 Days: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sunflower Plants

How and When to Harvest Sunflowers, What Signs to Look For, and How to Extract the Seeds

How to Grow Sunflowers from Seeds with Great Success

Sunflowers Cover Crop

Sweet Potatoes

How to: Grow Sweet Potato Slips (A Complete Step by Step Guide)

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Commercially in Fields from Slips


How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Commercially in Fields from Sweet Potatoes 

How to Make Sweet Potato Slips 

How to Propagate Sweet Potato Vines

Planting Sweet Potatoes From Vine Cuttings

Planting Sweet Potato Slips the Way My Grandma Did It!

Sweet Potatoes – Step by Step Guide to Planting


Artisanal Black Tea Processing

Exploring Tea Around Puer City Part 1: The Tea Gardens of Yingpan Shan

How to Grow Tea

How Tea Farmers Make Their Decisions

Jingmai Modern Tea Plantations Overview

Jingmai Tea Soils: Part 1- Soil Texture and Properties

Jingmai Tea Soils: Part 2 – Soil Structure and Organic Matter

Poor Tea-Growing Techniques in Laos

Pruning in the Tea Plantations

Tea Aging and Storage

Tea Growth and Harvesting

Weed Management in the Tea Gardens


General Tips on Growing Tomatoes (Worth Watching!)

Grow Tomatoes Not Leaves, 3 Tomato Hacks!

How to Grow tomatoes: Basket Weave

How to String and Sucker tomato Plants

How to Tie Up Tomatoes

Israel, Faculty of Agriculture: Instructional Video on Growing tomatoes in Ethiopia

Super Tomato Yield – How to String Sucker Tomato Plants

This SIMPLE Trick Will Get You Bigger And Better Tomatoes

Two Methods to Increase Tomato Production


Watermelon Pruning

Watermelon Growing. How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Watermelon

Watermelon Planting

Melon Growing. How to plant, grow and harvest – ½

Melon Growing. How to plant, grow and harvest – 2/2


Hilling and Weeding Maize

SRI Rice Farming: Weeding & Water Management

Weeding Rice Fields

Wheel Weeders for Vegetable Crops 

Wood Chips (For Mulching and Creating Healthy Soil)

Back to Eden Gardening

After watching the film, watch the following videos, which will enhance your learning.

Wood Chip Gardening: What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Back To Eden Gardening

What They Don’t Tell You About Wood Chips

How to Get Wood Chips to Breakdown Quickly

Wood Chips Plus Cow Manure

How & Why I Use Wood Chip Mulch in the Garden

Wood Chips for No-till Gardening

Amazing Garden Soil Transformation Using Wood Chips

How Fast do Woodchips Decompose?


How to Plant and Grow Yams (Permaculture Methods)

How to Propagate Yams the Easy Way (The Mini-Sett Method)

Propagating Yam Through Mini-Setts

Yam Mini-Sett Preparation and Trellising