1.  Benin National Institute for Agricultural Research Test on Maize Produces “Spectacular” Results.

Many field tests have been carried out in Benin with very good results, but it is common for no written reports to be made. However, the Benin National Institute for Agricultural Research, which is attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, Land, and Fisheries of Benin, reported in writing about a test using Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant with maize. The original and the full translation can be found in the linked file below.

Dr. Azontonde H. Anastase, Doctor of Soil Sciences, specialist in soil fertility, in charge of C.A.M.E.S. research, responsible for the Laboratory of Soil Sciences, Water, and the Environment at the Agonkanmey Research Centre, commented:

“… a bottle of the same bio-fertilizer Pro-Plant and another of the bio-fertilizer Bio-Plant have been used in field tests in the production of maize. The results were spectacular. The land treated with the two products produced three (3) tonnes per hectare of the maize variety DMR. This output was achieved on soil of average fertility on which 200 kg of NPK fertilizer is used.”

Benin Field Test Results