Bio-chemical Farming Maize Field Test in Karfe Town, Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria

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Salad Greenhouse Worldwide Ltd. carried out a bio-chemical farming field test on maize for farmers in Karfe Town, Suleja, Niger State in May 2017 using Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant. The maize seeds were soaked in Bio-Plant and water for 12 hours before planting. The soil, which was in poor condition owing to years of chemical farming, was prepared with a bio-chemical mixture of Urea and Bio-Plant. Bio-Plant was also mixed with NPK and this bio-chemical mixture was sprinkled around the maize plants during the crop. Pro-Plant was sprayed regularly on the maize plants.

Normally, the farmers experienced problems with insect attacks during their maize crops, but this time there were no problems with insect pests at all. No chemical sprays were used.

The farmers almost doubled their yield. Normally, they only produced 30-40 bags of maize per hectare, but this test produced 60 bags per hectare.