The Credit Fund


Here is an example of a Credit Fund proposal. The proposal below outlines the purpose and benefits of the Credit Fund, and states the generous credit terms. A PowerPoint presentation file, which goes into more detail about the terms, conditions, implementation plan, and benefits, can be provided on request.

Please note that the Credit Fund is in the form of the bio-fertilizers, not cash. The amount can be increased far above US$25 million as long as the terms are adhered to. The minimum amount for 12 months and 0% interest credit is US$18 million per year. If the amount is less, the credit period will be reduced accordingly.

We are always looking for people who would like to present the proposal to state or national governments. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us so that we can let you know what will be expected of you.

A Sample Proposal

Attention: The Minister of Agriculture

Subject: The US$25 Million Per Year (US$125 million over 5 years), 0% Interest Credit Fund Proposal to Provide Liquid, 100% Organic Bio-Fertilizers to the Farmers to Phase Out Chemical Agriculture

Purpose of the Credit Fund
The purpose of the Credit Fund, which we are offering the government, is to provide the country with two advanced bio-technology 100% organic, liquid, microbial bio-fertilizers (Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant) and very generous credit terms, which will help the country to phase out chemical agriculture completely over 3 years, and also to free up resources, which will assist the social and economic development of farming communities, and help the country to achieve its food security goals. The Credit Fund will enable farmers to replace chemical fertilizers with 100% organic bio-fertilizers supplies and ensure that all farmers can obtain bio-fertilizers on credit for their crops. Their efficacy has already been demonstrated in many countries, including Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Terms
We will provide the bio-fertilizers to the value of US$25 million each year (US$125 million over 5 years) on 0% credit over 12 months to achieve this. The amount can be increased as the two sample suggested plans below show.

At the start of each year 30% of the annual amount would be paid while the remaining 70% would be paid after 12 months through a Letter of Credit guaranteed by an international bank. We will guarantee the same price for the duration of the 5-year contract.

The government will be able to use the money it would normally use for fertilizer subsidies to develop infrastructure and farming communities instead. For example, to build roads to farming areas; develop water and electricity infrastructure; to provide youth and community development programmes; and to implement projects, which will make agriculture an enticing enterprise for youth so that they return to their towns and villages.

Two Suggested Plans
Purpose: To change chemical agriculture in Sierra Leone to 100% organic farming by means
of bio-chemical farming and to ensure food security.
Terms: Year 1: US$25 (25) million Year 2: US$25 (45) million Year 3: US$25 (65) million
Year 4: US$25 (85) million Year 5: US$25 (105) million Total: US$125 (325) million

The Approach
The bio-fertilizers will enable chemical farmers to change to bio-chemical farming and thereby halve in Year 1 the amount of chemical fertilizer they use and still increase their production while reducing their costs significantly.

They can phase out the remaining 50% of their chemical fertilizer in Years 2 and 3 until they will be farming 100% organically with higher yields and lower costs than at present.

The Main Benefits
The bio-fertilizers will enable the government:
1.    To eradicate chemical fertilizers and sprays over 3 years. Chemical farmers, who are usually afraid of change, can accept bio-chemical farming with these bio-fertilizers. The momentum towards 100% organic farming can thus be increased.
2.    To increase food production very significantly beyond what chemical agriculture can achieve, and for a much lower cost. These bio-fertilizers can ensure the country’s food security. Chemical agriculture cannot because of its harmful effects on the soil and environment. The bio-fertilizers are effective with all crops and trees, including the country’s main crops – maize, rice, millet, nuts, fruit, cassava, cocoa, sugarcane, coffee, rubber, etc.
3. To reduce food production costs. In bio-chemical farming, for example, costs drop by about 40%. In 100% organic farming the cost savings compared to chemicals are very high.
4.    To restore the soil’s fertility. The soil can be cleaned of chemicals within 3 years and changed to a crumbly country rich in micro-organisms and beneficial insect life.
5. To increase the quality of crops, e.g. fruit and vegetables become sweeter, crispier, and keep longer; grains have an improved taste; flowers are larger, fresher-looking, and have a stronger scent; etc.
6. To ensure that the country’s food exports will not be rejected because of chemical content.
7. The country can become known for exporting 100% organic food, fruit, cocoa, latex, etc.
8. To reduce poverty as farmers will earn more from higher crop yields and quality.
9. To protect water sources from chemical agriculture contamination.
10. To free up funds, which the government would have spent on subsidizing fertilizer, for infrastructure projects, rice mills, food processing factories, farming community development, etc.

Field Testing
A separate PowerPoint file shows the effects of the bio-fertilizers on a wide variety of crops and trees. The bio-fertilizers have been used in Thailand and Vietnam for about 25 years, and their efficacy has been demonstrated more than adequately already. If you would like a field test to be carried out, we will gladly do so.

Technical Support
We will train government personnel and farmers how to use the bio-fertilizers to increase crop productivity; to make the soil more fertile and rich in microbial life; to increase the immunity of crops so they resist disease without the use of chemical sprays; and how to increase the crop yield and lower production costs in both bio-chemical farming and 100% organic farming.

Introduction to Artemis & Angel Co. Ltd.
Artemis & Angel Co. Ltd. is located in Bangkok and was founded in 1986 by the company President, Somkiet Panjanapongchai. Aside from Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant, the company produces a complete range of bio-technology products for prawn and fish farms; a liquid pro-biotic product to increase the rate of growth and health of animals and poultry; and a microbial product which treats very effectively municipal, sugar mill, and distillery waste water, and solid waste, and which can also be used to turn rubbish into arable soil. Please see the company profile provided separately.

Examples of the Benefits of the Credit Fund for a Country

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