Our Bio-fertilisers Help to Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Climate Change

Our main focus is to help governments and farmers to deal with Climate Change, which poses not only an existentialist threat to mankind, but also threatens food security, with all the consequences, which this entails. Our bio-fertilisers enable governments to change from chemical agriculture, which produces climate-warming greenhouse gases, to 100% organic farming, which turns the soil into a giant Carbon Sink for these greenhouse gases.

By acting as a Carbon Sink the soil becomes more fertile. Combined with organic farming techniques the bio-fertilisers restore soil fertility and conserve water, which may be in short supply in the future. For more information about how the bio-fertilisers help to mitigate the effects of Climate Change click here.

We are very interested in working with governments to transform agricultural production throughout the country to 100% organic crop production. Not only will such projects benefit the population, but also mankind as a whole. We can provide a large Credit Fund to assist governments with such projects.

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