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Artemis & Angel Co. Ltd. is located in Bangkok, Thailand

Somkiet Panjanapongchai, President of Artemis & Angel Co. Ltd. (left), Peter McAlpine, Chief Marketing Officer (right)

  • Enable farmers to phase out chemical agriculture, to eradicate the problems caused by chemical fertilizers and sprays, and to increase their crop yield and crop quality beyond what chemicals can achieve.
  • Enable governments with the help of a substantial Credit Fund to phase out chemical agriculture by means of Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant, our two liquid, 100% organic, microbial bio-fertilizers.
  • Change over a whole industry from chemical to 100% organic production, such as cocoa or rice.
  • Restore pasture grassland for animals.
  • Transform savannah, desertified land, and land polluted by gold mining to arable land.
  • Enable livestock and poultry farmers to improve the health and growth rate of their animals and poultry.
  • Clean lakes and ponds, and home or municipal waste water through the use of microbes.
  • Provide prawn farmers with a wide range of products so that they can run a chemical-free prawn farm operation.
  • Help golf course owners to improve their fairways and greens for a much lower cost, and to clean their ponds and lakes without the use of chemicals.

The Company Manufactures:

1. Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant (100% organic, liquid, microbial bio-fertilizers)
a) Use Them to Phase out Chemical Agriculture
These are two advanced bio-technology, 100% organic, liquid, microbial bio-fertilizers, which enable farmers and indeed a whole country to phase out chemical agriculture and to replace it with 100% organic farming, with bio-chemical farming being the middle stage.
They lower the cost of food production; increase the yield above what chemical fertilizers can achieve; restore the soil’s fertility by infusing it with a huge amount of micro-organisms; reduce disease significantly by strengthening the immune system; and produce healthy, chemical-free food. They can be used to help turn desert into arable land and to clean golf course ponds and lakes.
In bio-chemical farming the bio-fertilizers enable farmers in the first season to halve the amount of chemical fertilizers they use while still increasing the crop yield. The rest of the chemical fertilizers can be phased out at the rate of 25% in Year 2 and Year 3. This is usually the rate at which chemical farmers can accept the changeover.

2. Red Sun: Granular, Bio-organic NPK 3 and NPK 4
Granular, pellet, or powder bio-organic NPK3, which can be used to replace Urea and NPK.
Higher bio-organic formulations can also be provided, such as NPK 4. They are made with Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant.

3. Prawn Farm Products
We produce a wide variety of bio-technology products for prawn farmers to raise prawns and operate a prawn farm. The products are chemical-free and provide everything that a prawn farm owner needs to raise healthy prawns, including products to clean the ponds, to increase the growth rate of the prawns, to maintain their health, as well as nutrient supplements, among others.
The company’s bio-technology prawn farm products helped to establish and develop the black tiger prawn industry in Thailand and Vietnam in the late 1980s.
As in the case of the bio-fertilizers, the prawn farm products are the result of the company President’s research in the field of bio-technology.

4. Belta Probiotics
Belta Probiotics is a very high quality probiotic product that improves the digestion of livestock and poultry, such as cows, buffaloes, chickens, sheep, and pigs, so that they absorb more protein, minerals, etc. Their weight increases noticeably more quickly than in animals not taking Belta Probiotics.
They become healthier and their immune system is strengthened so that they are much less liable to fall ill. The animals do not have to take medicine during the period the farmer is using Belta Probiotics.

5. Bio-Utility
This is a chemical-free, microbial product, similar to Bio-Plant, which serves to clean waste water so that the water can be recycled more easily. It is very effective in municipal waste water treatment and in cleaning ponds and lakes.

Credit Fund

We provide a US$25 million per year Credit Fund to help governments to phase out chemical agriculture over 3-5 years. It is also available for large private sector investors. Our two advanced bio-technology 100% organic, liquid, microbial bio-fertilizers, Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant make this possible.
We provide the government this amount in the form of the bio-fertilizers each year at 0% interest with a credit period of 12 months to help the government to phase out chemical agriculture.
At the start of each year 30% of the annual amount would be paid in the form of a deposit while the remaining 70% would be paid at the end of 12 months through a Standby Letter of Credit (L/C).
We will guarantee the price of the bio-fertilizers for the duration of the contract, which can be for up to 5 years.

The Business Opportunity for Agents

In many countries we are looking for a company, which is strong in distribution, to market the products. Exclusive nationwide marketing rights are available for the most suitable company. The potential financial earnings for having sole distributorship in a country are considerable, especially in the case of Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant, which enable a government to phase out chemical agriculture in 3 years. At the same time the Agent will be helping the development of the country and leaving a legacy.

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