Organic Farming Methods & Benefits

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Section 1: Videos About Organic Farming Methods

Here are some videos about beneficial organic farming techniques, which can be used together with Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant.

1.  The Benefits of  Planting Cover Crops, and How to Manage Them
When making the transition from chemical farming to 100% organic farming farmers have to learn how to restore the fertility of their soil with organic matter and compost. Many farmers say that they do not have any organic matter so that they can prepare their soil. If that is the case, they can grow their own organic matter between cash crop seasons by planting a cover crop. This video explains the tremendous benefits of  planting cover crops, and how to manage them. 

2.  Why Tilling the Soil Creates Weed Problems
In this video Dr. Elaine Ingham explains what happens to the Soil biology and Soil Food Web when farmers till (plough) the soil, and why this creates problems with weeds.

3.  How to Grow an Organic No-Till Crop Using a Cover Crop – Large-Scale Farming

This video explains in detail how to grow soya beans organically over a very large area by using a cover crop to fertilise the soil and to prevent weeds. The explanation will be of special interest to large-scale farmers who wish to stop using glyphosate herbicides. If the seeds are soaked for up to 24 hours in Bio-Plant mixed with water, and compost was added to the soil 2 weeks before the cash crop is planted or Bio-Plant mixed with water was sprayed over the crimped cover crop, the yield would be increased.

4.  How to Mulch with Hay and Grass

This video explains how to use grass and hay to mulch the soil; to improve its fertility; and to grow more food.

Section 2: Videos About the Benefits of Organic Farming

Here are some videos about the beneficial effects of organic farming.

1.  The Benefits of Organic Farming

This video shows the beauty, which 100% organic farming can create in agriculture, and what agriculture throughout Africa, and indeed the whole world, will be like after the world has abandoned chemical agriculture and its poisons. Because so much of the world’s soil has been ruined by chemical farming, its microbial life has to be restored, and this is what Bio-Plant does rapidly because of its concentration and variety of micro-organisms. We teach farmers 100% organic farming techniques to use with Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant so that they can create the fertility of the soil and magnificent growth of crops, which the video shows.

2.  The Adverse Effects of Chemical Agriculture.
This video gives a good summary of the adverse effects of chemical agriculture.  By using the 100% organic, liquid bio-fertilisers, Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant, the harmful effects of chemical agriculture on the soil, the health of the population, the social fabric of farming communities, the quality and safety of food, and the well-being of farmers and their communities can be reversed throughout the country.