Project to Train 2,040 Women in Katsina State, Nigeria, How to Make Rich Compost

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Salad Greenhouse Worldwide Ltd. will soon start a 4-month project to assist the economic, environmental, and food security needs of Katsina State, Nigeria, by training 2,040 women in 34 local government areas how to make very rich compost with Bio-Plant; not just for their own gardens and farms, but also for sale.

Food security cannot be achieved in Katsina State or throughout Nigeria until the soil’s microbial life and fertility have been restored through the use of rich, 100% organic compost.

The goal is to replicate the project around Nigeria so that the  soil’s fertility can be restored, and the country can become a model of 100% organic agriculture for other African countries to follow.

We provide a Credit Fund of US$125 million over 5 years in the form of the bio-fertilisers at 0% interest with no price increase to help governments in Africa, which wish to become a model on the African continent in 100% organic agriculture.

The Women Will be Trained to Make Rich Compost Like This.


The Compost Will Transform the Soil to Become Like This Rich Soil.

Poor soil will then become a thing of the past.