Benefits of Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant

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Here are some videos, which will help farmers to understand the beneficial effects of using the bio-fertilisers, Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant, with their crops.

1.  Some Benefits of Using Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant
The Benefits for Farmers in Different Countries Resulting From Using Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant. This can be viewed at:

2.  Five Videos with Interviews (in Thai) About Using the Bio-fertilisers
Summary of Interviews with Thai Farmers about Using Bio-fertilisers

Here are 5 videos of interviews with Thai farmers in their fields and fruit orchards in which they talk about the benefits they have experienced  when changing from chemical fertilisers and sprays to using bio-fertilisers for 100% organic farming instead of chemical fertilisers and sprays. In the file below there is a summary of the interviews in English according to the times of the interactions in the interviews.

3.  How the Bio-fertilisers Help to Reduce Global Warming
Indirectly, this video shows the role, which the 100% organic, microbial bio-fertilisers, Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant, can play in reducing global warming by reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. These two bio-fertilisers regenerate the soil, particularly when compost is made with Bio-Plant, and enable the soil to absorb and store atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.  Increasing the absorption and storage of Carbon Dioxide in the soil is one of the main solutions to solving the problem of global warming.

In response to a UN Food and Agriculture Organization announcement, “Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues” (Scientific American, Dec. 5, 2014), University of British Columbia  Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomer, Phil Gregory, has spent the past two years investigating the subject to see what, if anything, can be done.

The good news is that during the last 20 to 30 years there has been an amazing revolution in our understanding of soil biology and nature’s complexity. This offers tremendous potential to deal with food security and climate change issues in a way where nature will do most of the work. In this 40-minute video, Gregory summarizes some of the new insights that have emerged from the hidden universe of soils.

The main section starts at 6:03.

4.  The Bio-fertilisers Build Healthy Soil and Restore the Soil Biology

These videos will help farmers to understand why using Bio-Plant and compost will increase their crop yields. In short, they will restore the soil biology, which is essential for their plants not just to obtain nutrients, but also to share nutrients with each other is a mutually beneficial way; to develop a strong immune system; to warn each other about dangers; and to be able to protect themselves from pests. The end result is that their crop yields and the quality of their crops will be higher. 

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