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What is a Bio-fertilizer?

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1. Introduction to the Benefits and Activities of Bio-fertilizers Bio-fertilizer is a 100% natural and organic fertilizer that helps to provide all the nutrients and micro-organisms required for the benefits of the plants. It contains a large population of beneficial micro-organisms that enhance the productivity of the soil and increase plant growth either by fixing…

Using Bio-Plant to Treat Municipal Rubbish and Turn It Into Compost

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Using Bio-Plant to Treat Municipal Rubbish and Turn It Into Compost 1. What is Bio-Plant and How Does It Work? Bio-Plant can be used effectively to treat rubbish and turn it into compost. 1.1 What It Does Bio-Plant is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly, chemical-free, non-pathogenic, live microbial-based product that uses naturally occurring and beneficial bacteria…

Sample Automated Factory Set-Up Proposal

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Automated Factory for the Mixing and Packaging of Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant 100% Organic, Liquid, Microbial Bio-fertilizers. Note: Some of the actual figures and the name of the country where this proposal has been used have been removed for reasons of confidentiality. This proposal will give interested investors an idea of how the factory could help the…