Testimony of Mrs. Hasma Sahura Sabuma, Katsina, Katsina State

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Mrs. Hasma Sahura Sabuma (second right) with members of the Salad Greenhouse Worldwide Ltd. team and Peter McAlpine, Marketing Manager of Artemis & Angel Co. Ltd. (right).

In Katsina we met Mrs. Hasma Sahura Sabuma who has had great success with the bio-fertilisers when growing a variety of crops and fruit trees, including guava trees, banana trees, tomatoes, rice, beans, and maize. She said that the crop yield and the quality of the produce were far superior to what she used to get when she farmed with chemical fertilizers, and that the crop produce looked much fresher. She added that the fruit tasted sweeter and that her soil had improved noticeably.  

These are comments commonly made by farmers when they start to use the bio-fertilisers.