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We Produce 100% Organic, Advanced Bio-technology Products for Agriculture, Poultry, Livestock, Fish & Shrimp Farms, and Wastewater Treatment, and also for Helping Governments and Farmers to Deal with Climate Change.

The yield of these healthy cocoa trees shows the benefits of using the 100% organic, liquid bio-fertilisers, Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant,  in organic cocoa farming.


We specialize in producing very effective, advanced bio-technology, 100% organic products for replacing chemical agriculture with 100% organic farming; for treating waste water naturally through microbial action; and for increasing the rate of growth and improving the health of poultry, livestock, and shrimp farms.

Our liquid bio-fertilisers help governments to change their country’s agriculture to 100% organic farming; to develop new 100% organic industries; to provide an agricultural solution to soil fertility problems and the damaging effects of chemical agriculture; and to help them to deal with the effects of climate change through regenerative, 100% organic farming. We offer governments a substantial Credit Fund to assist them to achieve these goals.

One of our current major agricultural projects is to help countries in Africa to transform their cocoa industry from chemical cocoa production to 100% organic cocoa production in line with the global demand for healthy and chemical-free cocoa and chocolate.

More information about the company and the company’s products is available on the Home Page.

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